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World of Culture for Performing Arts | Residencies
World of Culture, Mark Amitin, Theatre, NYC, The Living Theatre


Residencies can be structured to fit the specific needs and requirements of any institution. From a three day series of workshops and lectures with film/video to semester length visits that can include a number of classes/courses from the practical to the theoretical: Undergraduate and/or graduate. As a part of a longer residency the creation or direction of a production can be included.

For example, a three to five day residency could result in a 30 minute “work-in-progress” presentation, or, each of four days structured for a specific group: (Freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors & graduate level) with the level of work set to the development and understanding of each group.

There are a series of films and videos available to be shown with a short lecture to accompany each over a residency of any length. Full-length performances of such theatres as The Living Theatre, The Open Theatre, The Performance Group, Bread and Puppet Theater and others.

As the areas of “Performance Studies” and “Devised Theatre” are coming to the fore, the works of these and other groups were the antecedents and forerunners who defined these very ways of creating and presenting theatre.

Over many decades my residency programs have encompassed creating theatre pieces from “scratch” based on the interests, levels of training and structure of departments and students.  As well, it is also possible to direct or adapt extant works. (For example, the epic environmental production of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt created for and with the graduating class at the Shanghai Theatre Academy where all the design work as well as the actors (supervised by their master faculty) took responsibility for the entire production.

Please feel free to inquire about any of the possibilities.

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