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“In the eyes of every character I portray, I see you… Thank you for being the fire within. You are my friend, brother, mentor, father and mother all wrapped into one incredible person. “

- Peter Facinelli, Actor and writer, film and television

“Mark has influenced my thinking about the role of theatre in society more than perhaps anyone else. He is the very embodiment of the artist/activist and has spent a lifetime working to advance the evolution of humankind away from cynicism and violence toward equality, peace and freedom of expression. His is a lifetime of achievement. If you look at every major theatrical movement of the past forty years – every significant experimental theatre – many of our most honored writers, actors and directors – somewhere you will find a link back to Mark. “

- Wayne Maugans, Artistic Director, The Voyage Theatre, New York City.

“Mark Hall Amitin has worked for international theatre. He has persisted in gathering its traces…nobody thought he would bring it off – but he did – again and again and again. American theatre was known by the rest of the world because of its experimenters: Mark was one of the folks that got the message and his persistence in documenting and remembering what went on is a treasure. ”

- Martha Coigney, Honorary President, International Theatre Institute/UNESCO

“As a teacher, he has an inquiring spirit and an open one. His work within the the experimental community is well known, as is his ability to impart much of the conceptual and physical researches of such groups as the Living and Open Theatres… I know from my work as a Village Voice drama critic, playwright, and member of the academic community that he has been a unique and enriching presence in our contemporary theatre scene. ”

- Arthur Sainer, author, The New Radical Theatre Notebook; Drama Critic, The Village Voice

“Mark Amitin is a man of many qualities. His expertise has deepened and grown from the avant-garde to the classical and modern theatre, deeply involved with multi-cultural exchanges, [and] having created a bridge between many artists throughout the world… In him, one appreciates strong pedagogical skills. He has the ability to comfortably move from the most theoretical to the immediately practical. He builds the creative attitude in the actor from the individual to the group level. With Mark, the physical work begins with an attitude of the mind, holding a profound understanding between the ‘’verb and the body,” the dramatic structure, its human potentiality and the subtle process of giving birth to vision. I laud the tremendous work he has accomplished in the contemporary American theatre. ”

- Dr. Serge Ouaknine, former Directeur, Ph. D. programme, Etudes et Practiques des Arts, Universite Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

“World of Culture for the Performing Arts is a wonderful organization doing important work in international arts exchange and creative development in the Middle East. As the first American artist doing arts exchange in the Gaza Strip, we take a special interest in your work,”

- Martin Indyk, former Ambassador, Embassy of the United States, Israel

“My deep appreciation and admiration for the impressive initiatives you have launched in Israel and Gaza… The institutions involved have told us how delighted they were by your workshops and style in effectively communicating with actors and theatrical people from many different communities and backgrounds…Your perseverance, and your talent for earning and keeping the trust of those with whom you work, are worthy of praise and emulation. ”

- Daniel Sreebny, Cultural Attache, Embassy of the United States, Israel (Dept. of State, Washington, DC)

“Thank you so much for presenting your unique approach to tolerance, understanding and coexistence. The creative activities that you shared with us are being integrated into our meetings between Arabs & Jews here in Israel. Your dedication and commitment to the cause of peace and human understanding, in these times, is so necessary. ”

- Dr. Moti Peri, Director, Beit Hagefin, Arab -Jewish Cultural Center, Haifa, Israel

“A distinguished theatre professional, Dr. Amitin’s experience as an acting teacher, historian and chronicler, college lecturer, manager, coach, author, actor, director and producer extends far beyond the usual bounds. The roster of performers who have worked with Mark at all stages of their careers is evidence of his strength as a mentor… Mark has been an important advisor to us at Programs in the Arts… He has been extremely helpful in recommending and referring innovative, multi-media and culturally diverse artists, performers and diverse points of view. ”

- Leon S. Fried, Assoc. Director Emeritus, Programs in the Arts, State University of New York system-wide

 “Mark Amitin is one of the fundamental personalities in modern theatre history as well as in his practical work. You can also resize the video window as you would any other window. He has extended his activities, practicing and developing theses and formal ideas in the theater of the century all over the world. We are proud to say that Mark Amitin is Docteur of the University of Paris 8. ”

- Dr. Stéphanette Vendeville, Directrice de Arts Philosophie et Esthétiques, University of Paris 8 Vincennes/Saint Denis, France