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Published Works


Peer Gynt, (English adaptation from Henrik Ibsen) by Mark Hall Amitin, copyrighted, 2007.  Dual language English/Chinese edition, Shanghai Theatre Academy, SIPARC, China, 2007. Chinese translation by: Tian, DuoDuo and Gu, Yi An.


La Recherche D’un Rituel Dans La Creation Collective, Mark Hall Amitin, Université de Paris VIII, St. Denis-BU Paris 8, France, 1978 <>.



Notable Women In The American Theatre – Geraldine Page, Greenwood Press, 1989

Conversations on Art and Performance – Radicalizing the Classics: Julian Beck, Judith Malina, John’s Hopkins University Press, 1999



Le Living Theatre, Travail Theatral, XXII, La Cite, France, Hiver, 1996

Chinese Theatre Today – Beyond the Great Wall, Performing Arts Journal, Vol IV, No. 3, 1980

The LivingTheatre Abroad – Radicalizing the Classics, Performing Arts Journal, Vol V, No.1, 1981

Chaikin Hurrah! The Passing of Joseph Chaikin, Avenue Be, 2006




Spalding Gray (theatre), Hamptons, 1992

Willem Dafoe (film), Hamptons, 1992

Philip Glass (music), Hamptons, 1992

Roy Lichtenstein (art), Hamptons, 1992

John Fhronmayer (politics), Hamptons, 1992

Wendy Wasserstein (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Karen Finley is in the Hamptons (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Julie Harris (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Eric Bogosian (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Paula Vogel (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Timothy Hutton (film), Hamptons, 1993

Judith Malina (film), Hamptons, 1993

Joseph Brodsky (literature), Hamptons, 1993

Before Hollywood: Steve Buscemi, Black Book Magazine, (Theatre/Film), Winter, 1997/8 



Terrence McNally’s Lips Together, Teeth Apart Review and Interview (theatre), Hamptons, 1991

Sensibility of Silliness, (theatre) Hamptons, 1991

Iron/Paper/Stone (film), Hamptons, 1991

Closer Than Ever – Karen Akers (theatre), Hamptons, 1991

Serious Fun (theatre), Hamptons, 1992

Proof (film) / Frohnmayer (politics), Hamptons, 1992

The Season Ahead, Hamptons, 1992

Eric Bogosian: Serious Fun (theatre), Hamptons, 1992

The Bay Street Theatre Festival Men’s Lives, Hamptons, 1992

Performing Arts Line-Up, Hamptons, 1993

Alone at the Beach at Bay Street (theatre), Hamptons, 1993

Model Turned Painter – Charlotta Janssen (art), Black Book Magazine



Grow Your Own Street Theatre, WIN Magazine, 1970

China’s Theatre in Flux, US-China Review, Vol. IV, No. 4, July-August, 1979

New Theatre In A New China, Asian Theatre Bulletin, Theatre News, Vol. V, No. 11, Fall, 1979

A Crown of Scorns (politics), Hamptons, 1992



Interview with Willem Dafoe (film), The Village Voice, 1992

Now She’s A Saint – Master Actress Judith Malina (film) – Our Town, 1993

Lichtenstein Retrospect Zooms into the Guggenheim (art) - Our Town, 1993

Fatcats and Bull – Fernando Botero’s Insouciant Sculptures (art) – Our Town, 1993

Men In Tights/Where Are We (film) – Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Manhattan Murder Mystery (film) – Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

The Firm (film), Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

The Secret Garden (film), Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Romper Stomper/Orlando (film), Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Kalifornia/True Romance (film) – Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Hocus Pocus/Road Scholar (film) – Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Fugitive (film), Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Searching for Bobby Fisher (film)- Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Brat Pack (film)-Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Asian Film Festival, Florence Gould Hall – Alienation and Celebration of the Asian Experience, Chelsea Clinton News, The Westsider, 1993

Pterodactyls (Theatre), OUR TOWN, October, 1993

Kraine Theatre: Manifesto and The Execution (theatre) - Our Town, 1994

Classic Stage Company’s Illusion (theatre), Our Town, 1994

Manhattan’s Most Famous Women of the ’80s… Where Are They Now? (interviews), Manhattan Spirit, 1994



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