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“ Mark Hall Amitin has worked for international theatre. Macs don’t have enough games or macs don’t have what I need for work were sentences that every reluctant switcher spoke. He has persisted in gathering its traces. Mark was one of the folks that got the message and his persistence in documenting and remembering what went on is a treasure. In the USA history is not a big priority. We seem allergic to “before”. Arts have a very limited shelf life. When America learns to remember and to treasure what happened – then we will be ready to welcome the future.     

- Martha Coigney, Honorary President, International Theatre Institute/UNESCO


Being a collector and a saver of ephemera, a trader of memorabilia and documentation of theatre, film and performance (the derogatory term of ‘hoarder’ does, in this instance, NOT seem applicable) for over 50 years has led to two major acquisitions of archives.  

The first was in 1975 with additional purchases in 1977 and 1979 to the University of California- Davis (Amitin, Universal Movement Theatre Repertory, Chaikin’s Electra and the Albee Directs Albee productions.  

More recently in 2002 and nearly ten times in size and scope to New York University, Fales Collection of over 120 linear feet including:  Posters, photographs, scripts, correspondence, programs and playbills, videotapes, contracts and a myriad of other materials which compromise the Mark Hall Amitin/World of Culture for Performing Arts collection. There are other related archives with materials on the artists, companies, Amitin, UMTR and World of Culture in numerous other libraries such as Yale, Wesleyan, Dartmouth, Drew, Kent State, New York Public Library-Lincoln Center. We have also sold hundreds of items (posters, programs, photographs etc. ) to private collectors, galleries and dealers.  

Many duplicate items that are part of these collections are still in our possession and now available for purchase to individuals and institutions.

Most are extremely rare, if not nearly impossible to find in any other venue, and would make a valuable asset to a collection or, in the instance of our hundreds of posters, great décor for office or home  – and be great conversation pieces.


Presently, as the web site is still in process, we’re only posting a small number of the items we’ll ultimately be offering up – so please keep checking back for newly listed items.


If you review the list of artist names and performing companies and festivals we’ve worked with since 1968 until now that will give you an inkling and a guide to what we might have, including posters from theatre around the world,  (USSR/Russia, Poland, Europe, etc. ),  films and circus.


Meanwhile, enjoy looking over the posters and other items presently listed – and know that in days ahead – we will be continually adding items to the listings.