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Dr. Although not a random survey, the report included respondents representing districts in 48 states. Amitin has, dating back to the mid-1980’s – and continues presently to – coach actors – from those just starting out – to established film, tv and stage actors in preparation for auditions, tapings, and on-set. No mater how far along an actor may be, having an out-side eye and perspective to view and hear, analyze text, create a well-rounded off-stage or screen life, and adjust the physical and vocal aspects of a character, it is going to be to the benefit of the actor. Amitin often works with actors sent to him by colleagues in academe, fellow actors of his former clients – and with several of those he’s worked with for decades, whether for Broadway, TV pilots and leading film roles as well as on-set for established performers. No matter how many films or shows one has been in – the outside eye as well as a fresh perspective or take on a role – is nearly always the little jolt or adjustment that can bring alive or grant a deeper understanding of a character and his/her circumstances. Inquiries welcomed.

Mark Amitin with Steve Buscemi

  Mark Amitin with Peter Facinelli

               Wilson Jermaine Heredia with Mark Amitin